When I came to Canada, young enough to graduate high school but not young quite young enough to lose my accent.

My Mom didn’t want me to be a hairdresser so instead, I joined the Army as a Combat Medic. A year or so later, I was in bed dying of Cancer. Beat Cancer, F*** Cancer

Fast Foreward to ’06: There I am, in Afghanistan, outside the wire, walking through the grape huts carrying nearly my body weight in kit/gear thinking to myself, at least I grew up in this kind of heat. One of my guys asks, “Doc, You good?”. I smiled and said, “Always”.

(Can you guess which one is me?)

A few years later, and with a few chips on my shoulder I left DND to try something different. After nearly a decade working with men, I wasn’t a good fit for the “Mean Girls – Hair Stylist school”, I hated it, Mom was right; She usually was (Damn it).

Now I work with, Guys, Numbers, and Really Nice Cars, and I can go to work looking, and smelling like a girl again (Life is good).

Lakas Life was Launched in Early 2020, right before the Whole COVID thing started.

…Now, I think we are all caught up on me.